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This is my favorite project:

This 1953 Dodge had a Camaro subframe and rear end. The door-handles are shaved. No motor or steering gear. But a great project!! 

In December 2006, Jim and I started this project by removing the body off of the bad frame it came with. We had a donor, a 67 Chevelle frame waiting for duty. It worked out great. We mounted all new body mounts and the rebuilt Charger 360 engine, added a new radiator, disc brakes, power steering, and steering column. Eventually we lowered the whole vehicle about 4 inches. Which gives it such a great profile!!

I test drove the Dodge and promptly knocked a hole in the oil pan. We fixed that and added a custom skid plate. Well, then Jim had to test drive it. I went along for the ride and he just had to kick in that 4-barrel - and there went the heater hose lines! Antifreeze was everywhere. We made it home (On test drives we only venture out on a 3 mile radius!). Again repairs were made and I drove it again. We experienced some minor problems and repaired/replaced them all.

We made it to our first Cruise-in with the 53 Dodge in Robertsdale on Saturday, April 28, 2006, and then again went cruising in Mobile to the Sonic @ Government on the first Thursday in May. Most spectators loved the car and were surprised to learn what it actually was! Eventually we plan on adding a custom interior and paint job of course.

So Lonely

Here she sits in waiting...

I scored a Dodge 360 engine and Carter Thermoquad carb for this baby, and guess what! We got the motor running! So, now it is just a question of time until we regroup and drop that 360 in her ...

Ahhhhhh !!

This is the 2nd Cruise we went to, everyone has the same reaction when I pull up. They all want to know what it is and what year it is.

December 2006

We finally started working on this project! First we replaced the floor boards, then we placed the new body mounts. I scored a fuel tank last week, so we are currently fitting it.

360 Dodge Engine

The engine is ready for its body.



Check out the new two tone paint! I ordered original paint chips from Chrysler's 1953 selections and chose this combination option...

All I can say is " WOW " !!!

I finally got some serious paint on my car! I cannot wait until I finish my interior!

Headliner Installation

After removing the windshield and 3-pc. rear window, and then painting the roof, I finally had the chance to install my new headliner before we re-installed the glass and new weatherstripping and gaskets.

This is my first new interior piece!!!

Almost Done!

This picture is from September 2013.

I have installed the carpet, customized the trunk area and installed the headliner many months ago. I have all my materials together to fabricate the seat covers and door panels, I am just lacking the time!