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Our Most Fun Project

View these photos and watch the transformation before your eyes.

We started out with a 1956 4-door sedan Cadillac, and are ending up with a 1956 2-door Cadillac convertible.

Jim started by chopping the complete roof off ...

The famous BEFORE picture

This is what we started out with. A regular stock 1956 Cadillac, original 8 cyl. engine. Yes, it runs. It took only a few minor repairs to get this thing purring like a kitten!

Interior ??

Yes, original interior, too. As you can see, it was also home to a few different rodents. Of course we will install a complete custom interior. But first, all body work and modifications must be done.


After chopping off the roof and unbolting the rear doors, we got a good look of what we actually had.

The decision was made to shorten the length of the car by 17" and exclude the rear doors.


Some of the bracing is visible in this photo. We braced the frame before cutting, and tacked guides to the frame-rails to insure a square fit.


Top Secret! No, the hard stuff is left up to me. So after arguing with Jim for a while, he finally listened to me and ...

Told You It Would Fit ! ! !

Yep, right again. I love winning ...

The Caddy is now part 1964 Chevy. The windshield, cowl and posts were surgically removed from a dead patient in our backyard.

Hippies !?!

This is for all of you who survived the 60's and 70's. Jim's Mom gave him this steering wheel when he was a teenager. So of course it is put to great use again!

G E T    L O W  !!!

3.5 inch Drop

Ain't no cruiser if it ain't low ...

Check out this fin !!

The gas tank filler is hidden under the hinged taillight, complete with gas cap and all.

Fitting the Convertible Top Frame

The 65 Buick Skylark is the donor of this top frame. Man, what a pain! We made it fit and it works great!

Soon we will be finishing up the final touches on this frame.

Yeah, It Is Different

Yes, we did install different front and rear seats (see Jim's plans A-E ...).

Chrysler front power bucket seats and Buick rear seat.

Just use your imagination ...

This profile will look good once the installation of the convertible top and frame is completed ...

Saturday Night Cruisin'

There is nothing better than cruisin' on a Saturday night!!!

Here is the Cadi at the "Fun in the Son Cruise In" held every last Saturday of the month at Sonic in Robertsdale, Alabama. Our favorite Cruise In!!!